If a SureTouch Breast Exam detects an abnormality, the typical “standard of care” proceeds as follows:

  • The provider describes the abnormality to the patient (who is empowered by the ability to see a visual representation on the SureTouch display) and recommends diagnostic testing which is generally an ultrasound or mammogram.
  • If the lesion is not a cyst, the abnormality will be biopsied to determine its characteristics.
  • The method of biopsy will either be by ultrasound or stereotactic guided and the patient will wait for pathology results to determine the next course of action.
  • If the SureTouch Breast Exam detects an abnormality but both the mammogram and ultrasound are negative, the SureTouch Breast Exam will be repeated and the physician will coordinate with an Ultrasound provider to determine the significance of the lesion.