Sure, Inc. manufactures and markets the SureTouch Digital Breast Exam, a painless, radiation free, Screening Clinical Breast Examination with immediate digital results using the SureTouch System.

The SureTouch System is a cloud based medical device comprised of a wireless sensor, a touch screen display, and the cloud-based SureTouch network.  SureTouch is enabled by proprietary tactile sensor technology, originally developed at Harvard University, to capture the sense of touch, which has been used for cancer detection for thousands of years and accounts for 80% of breast cancers found today. SureTouch is FDA-cleared (FDA #K010514) for producing a surface map of the breast as an aid to document palpable breast lesions identified during a clinical breast exam. Breasts are examined quickly and comfortably without compression or radiation. The patented, hand-held, SureTouch sensor glides easily over the entire breast and underarm area. Its 192 sensing elements capture and document the shape, location, size and hardness of breast lesions. Any breast lesions are displayed on the SureTouch display as two- and three-dimensional full-color images and digitally stored for reference.

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